General Questions

What is SellPhoneCentral?
SellPhoneCentral is a great place to turn your used electronics into cash! We pay cash for cellular phones, gaming consoles, iPods, laptops and tablets.
SellPhoneCentral also gives you the opportunity to donate your cell phones at no cost. We have a zero-waste policy that keeps your cell phone out of landfills. Our goal is to recycle your cell phone timely and efficiently. We pay shipping on all transactions!

What models do you accept?
Please visit our main page to select the product you would like to sell. Use the drop down menu to search by brand or carrier. Simply select your item you’d like to sell from the list. You will then be prompted to select the item’s condition in order to calculate the value. If you like the price, click “sell item” and continue to check out.
Can't find your item using the drop down menu? Visit our Custom Quote page. You can then input your model's information and submit the quote. We will respond within 24 hours with a quote for the product. Remember, you can always donate your cell phones to be recycled properly.

Does participating in SellPhoneCentral cost anything?
Shipping is always free at SellPhoneCentral! There is never a cost to you to do business with us. We will pay for shipping on all orders you place.
Donating or recycling your phones is also free!

How much will I receive when I sell an item?
Every item will have a unique price based on brand, model, and condition. We frequently update our site to pay the most versus the competition.
Visit our main page to receive an instant quote!

How long are quotes valid?
Quotes are valid for 30 days. In order for SellPhoneCentral to stay highly competitive in paying you the most for your electronics, we honor quotes 30 days from the time they are initially given. If you decide to send in the item after the 30 day time period, SellPhoneCentral reserves the right to re-quote the item. If you are not happy with the re-quote, we will gladly send your item back free of charge.

 How much is my phone worth?
Depending ont he condition and age of your phone, prices we buy them for may vary. The easiest way is to simply pick your brand and fill out our quick quote form to find out how much your phone is worth. If you're trying to sell an iPhone, you can do the same at our dedicated page to sell or trade in your iPhones.


Shipping Questions

What shipping method will I use?
After receiving the quotes on your item(s) and completing the checkout process, you will receive an email with a prepaid UPS Ground label. (Please check your spam inbox if you do not receive this email) Simply print the label, pack the items, and mail it to us. You can send your items from any UPS dropoff location. It is always safest to hand deliver your item to a UPS store or driver. Make sure to ask for a receipt. We pay all shipping! Click here to find the closest UPS location or drop off.

How many items can I ship to SellPhoneCentral ?
You can ship as many items as needed. SellPhoneCentral gives you the ability to add quantities and various models to your quote. Simply add the items you would like to sell or donate, and we will pay the shipping.

In the case of a large business account selling 10 or more items, please contact our B2B Sales group here.

Can I ship from outside of the US?
At this time, SellPhoneCentral is only accepting items from the US. Our prepaid shipping labels are only valid to the United States.

I requested a box to mail my device(s) to SellPhoneCentral. How long does it take to arrive.
We mail our shipping boxes on a daily basis. Most boxes will ship out within 24 hours. Shipping boxes are delivered USPS First Class Mail and could arrive anywhere from 1-5 business days depending on location.


Receiving and Inspection Questions

What happens when you get my item?
SellPhoneCentral's inspection team will ensure that the condition, make, and model of the technology matches the original quote. Once we have established the equipment matches the quote, we will decide to resell, recycle or donate the equipment based on the condition. You can rest assured your item will end up in good hands, whether it is being used by someone else, donated, or recycled.

What is a requote?
You may receive a requote if your item does not match the condition that was quoted initially upon Checkout. The requote will outline SellPhoneCentral's inspection of the item and possibly offer you a different amount from the original quote. You will have the option to accept or decline the requote. If you accept, we will go forward with the payment of the amount agreed upon. If you decline, we will gladly ship your item(s) back to you at no charge. If though you send in items deemed to be counterfeit/fake/reproduction, we will not pay for return shipping. If you would like your items back in this case, you must pay for or send us a return shipping label. We follow up with requotes minimally 2 times via email and try to contact customers via phone number as well. If we do not hear back within 2 months of receipt, the item(s) become property of SellPhoneCentral. Typically we recycle the devices in this case.

Is the initial offer for my item guaranteed?
SellPhoneCentral's inspection team will verify condition, make, model, and proper accessories outlined in the initial quote match what has been received. If the item is significantly different from the initial quote, SellPhoneCentral will issue a requote to the email address associated with the sale. The requote will outline SellPhoneCentral's inspection and reserves the right to offer another monetary amount.

We will make every effort to contact you via email and phone based off the info you provide at checkout. If revised quote is not responded to within seven (7) days, SellPhoneCentral LLC's revised offer is bound and payment in the amount of the revised offer will be issued.
If you respond to the requote before 7 days and do not agree with the requote, we will ship your item back to you free of charge.

Techpayout also reserves the right to deny purchasing phones. The denial could be related but not limited to BAD ESN numbers, locked phones, damaged, stolen or lost. If the device is listed as stolen or lost, we may possibly work with authorities and not return the device.

I received an email that my phone's ESN is invalid. What does this mean?
SellPhoneCentral's inspection team verifies all phones sent in have good ESN's that can be reactivated. SellPhoneCentral understands that sometimes ESN's are tied to lost or stolen accounts, accounts with pending balances, or tied to an active account. In any of these instances, SellPhoneCentral reserves the right to cancel the transaction.

SellPhoneCentral will work with you via phone or email to resolve an invalid ESN claim. If we are unable to resolve or cannot reach you, we may ship the item back to you free of charge or requote.

How do I know if my phone's ESN is clear?
Please contact your carrier's customer support line below. Please call from a number other than the phone you are requesting information on.

AT&T 1-800-331-0500
Verizon 1-800-922-0204
T-Mobile 1-800-866-2453
Sprint 1-888-211-4727
US Cellular 1-888-944-9400 

*SellPhoneCentral reserves the right to requote.

*SellPhoneCentral reserves the right to deny purchases of any equipment that is tied to an invalid ESN, banned gaming console, invalid or stolen serial number for computers.

Used & Damaged items restrictions
SellPhoneCentral's inspection team does not accept items which have been purposely tampered or altered with intentions to defraud SellPhoneCentral. Refurbished or functional replacement parts are acceptable but replacing devices with fake or completely non-functional internal components (motherboards, lcds, etc) is prohibited and we will not purchase these items. If we discover the issues after post payment, SellPhoneCentral reserves the right to cancel payments made via check or open payment disputes made digitally (eg. Paypal, bank transfer, etc). We highly recommend not trying to sell SellPhoneCentral devices which have been knowingly altered in thus fashion. In extreme cases of known fraud SellPhoneCentral may choose to work with local authorities.


Payment Questions

How long will it take for me to get paid once I have mailed in my item(s)?

You will receive an email-notification once your equipment has been processed and all items have been accepted. Normal processing time through Paypal is 1-3 business days after we receive your equipment. Payment will be completed after the equipment has been inspected to ensure the item(s) match the condition of the original quote. Please note that fees may apply when choosing Paypal that are out of our control. Selecting a check as a form of payment will ensure you receive 100% of quoted price.

You will receive an email-notification once your equipment has been processed and all items have been accepted. Your check will be issued 1-2 business days after the transaction is finalized. Please allow 3-7 business days after that using USPS First Class Mail shipping to arrive.  Payment will be completed after the equipment has been inspected to ensure item(s) match the condition of the original quote. Checks are mailed USPS First Class Mail direct from our Bank and do not have a tracking number. If you believe that your check has been lost in the mail or stolen please contact us immediately. We can cancel the first check and reissue a new one or if needed send a check express mail with tracking for larger orders.

How do I use my online promo code?
During the checkout process on the website there will be a field provided for you to enter any type of coupon code you may have at the time of purchase. If the coupon code is not entered at the time of purchase, the coupon will not be honored.


Customer Service

For any questions on your order, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page. We will respond promptly and try to resolve any issues.



What items does SellPhoneCentral recycle?
SellPhoneCentral currently only recycles cell phones, tablets and Apple laptops. We plan on expanding our recycling program later this year, so check back for updates.

How do I recycle my item?
We will recycle your items free of charge and make sure they do not end up in a landfill. Please send any items for recycling to:

16 South Ave W #404
Cranford, NJ 07090


Security Questions

What about personal data on my devices?
After we inspect the equipment and accept it into our system, we reset all devices we receive to factory settings. This ensures you are 100% protected. All data is always erased!

Click here to learn how to wipe your device